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Corporate Resilience - Volume 21

Yet another publication

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The Routledge Companion to the Future of Management Research

Achieving Net zero - Volume 20

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I am looking forward to the first conference of 2024 which will be in April. We travel to a different part of the world and invite you to join us in a thought provoking conference in Quito.

We are pleased to announce that our latest books - preparing for a Sustainable Future and Corporate Social Responsibility in Difficult Times- are now published by Springer. These books contain chapters from papers presented at our last conference. As usual we can expect books to be published based upon our forthcoming conferences.


More books are due to be published in the very near future so watch for further announcements. And do not forget that we currently have spaces for contributions to our forthcoming books - see Books for details.


Here are the link to the books:Preparing for a Sustainable Future  & Corporate Social Responsibility in Difficult Times

The world is facing a severe crisis at the moment and it is only the unity of people which will prevent this. When this is passed then there is still the matter of climate change and the UN have declared that some effects cannot be prevented.

Our role at SRRNet is to work towards global understanding and sharing and to seek to mitigate effects from these crises. We will continue to do so - so please join with us in continuing these aims.

Watch for further announcements of forthcoming projects.

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