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International Conferences on Corporate Social Responsibility

Next conferences:

22nd CSR conference: Cairo, Egypt, Sept, 2024

21st CSR conference: Quito, Ecuador, April 2024



The International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility series:


20th CSR conference: Madrid, Spain, Sept 2023 (Proceedings)

19th CSR conference: Balaclava, Mauritius, 2022

18th CSR conference, Barcelos, Portugal, 2019

17th CSR conference, Bangalore, India, 2018

16th CSR conference, Buxton, UK, 2017

15th CSR conference, Melbourne, Australia, 2016

14th CSR conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

13th CSR conference, Bradford, UK, June 2014

12th CSR conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 2013

11th CSR conference, Lahti, Finland, May 2012

10th CSR conference, New Orleans, USA, May 2011

9th CSR conference, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2010

8th CSR conference, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2009

7th CSR conference, Durham, UK, September 2008

6th CSR conference, Selangor, Malaysia, June 2007

5th CSR conference, Edirne, Turkey, May 2006

4th CSR conference, London, UK, September 2005

3rd CSR conference, Udaipur, India, February 2005

2nd CSR conference, Penang, Malaysia, November 2004

1st CSR conference, London, UK, September 2003 (Photos of 1st CSR Conference)



Organisational Governance conferences:

1stOrganisational Governance Conference, Leicester, UK, September 2011

2ndOrganisational Governance Conference, Rabat, Morocco, September 2012

3rdOrganisational Governance Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2013

4thOrganisational Governance Conference, Bucharest, Romania, 2014


Merged with the International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility series thereafter

See pictures of past conferences

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