Call for contributions


Corporate Resilience: Risk, Sustainability and Future Crises


Series: Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility


Editors: David Crowther & Shahla Seifi



The world has been enduring a pandemic caused by the corona virus while at the same time recognising the inevitability of climate change. Changes caused by the pandemic have shown that world economies and organisations have been seriously under-prepared for the pandemic and its effects. This has caused a crisis for many organisations and thrown some confusion and question into the organisation of the world economy.


 It is however generally accepted that future such crises are inevitable, whether they be caused by a similar pandemic (which some deem inevitable) or some other crisis. There is a need therefore for the world and all organisations to be better prepared to manage the effects, whatever they may be. This seems to require a serious re-evaluation of risk surrounding economic activity, a re-evaluation of the requirements for sustainability and some planning for the future. This is therefore a complex topic and there are many aspects involved in its management.


Contributions are invited from anyone who has a perspective on any aspect of this topic or any proposals for managing this new environment. It is expected that contributions will be 6000 – 12000 words in length. As quality is essential then all contributions will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Theoretical or speculative contributions are welcome along with empirical contributions.


Please send abstracts or expressions of interest to the editors by the end of January 2022. Full papers will be required by June 2022 with publication of the volume expected in 2023.


All communications to the editors:

Prof Dr David Crowther and Dr Shahla Seifi via info@srrnet.org