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Call for contributions


Innovation, Social Responsibility and Sustainability
David Crowther
Shahla Seifi



Although we have just recovered from a global pandemic the World Health Organisation has declared that future pandemics are inevitable. At the same time the United Nations has declared that climate change is the biggest threat to our future and that without urgent action we are very close to the tipping point when change becomes irreversible. These have to be set alongside economic disruption, warfare, finite planetary resources. Indeed Earth Overshoot Day gets earlier each year. It is perhaps unsurprising therefore that there is much protest and demand for action which is taking place all around the world.


It is apparent therefore that the world is changing and that we need to change and adapt to a new future. Everyone talks generally about achieving sustainability or achieving net zero without having any clear idea of how this will be achieved. The reality is that a lot of small changes are needed and that we must rely upon innovation to achieve this. This innovation can take the form of technological development or it can take the form of new ways of doing things or even in the form of changing to lifestyles and products made and consumed. In this book we wish to investigate what all of these small innovations are – or could be. We wish to investigate best practices and to enable the transfer of techniques and idea around the world and this book is part of an attempt to do so.


We look forward therefore to receiving your contributions. Contributions are invited from anyone who has a perspective on any aspect of this topic or any proposal for managing this new environment. It is expected that contributions will be 6000 – 12000 words in length. As quality is essential then all contributions will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Theoretical or speculative contributions are welcome along with empirical contributions.


Please send abstracts or expressions of interest to the editors by the end of March 2023. Full papers will be required by September 2023 with publication of the volume expected in 2024.


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