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Call for Contributions
Achieving Net Zero: Challenges and Opportunities

Series: Developments in Corporate Governance and Responsibility


Editors: Shahla Seifi & David Crowther


It is generally accepted that climate change is taking place and this is witnessed by the many flood, fires and other extraordinary weather events which are taking place. It is also probably generally accepted that change needs to take place in the way we conduct our lives and businesses. Currently it seems that the mantra net zero has been universally accepted as meaning that zero carbon emissions are required, although opinion is still divided as to whether this will help achieve sustainability or merely reduce the level of unsustainability. Nevertheless action is needed and is being undertaken by governments, organisations, businesses and individuals. 


Obviously a considerable amount of change and action is required and is being undertaken around the world. However it must be stated that best practice in the various arenas is still being decided upon and the long term effects on sustainability of the actions which are being taken or are in process of being planned are still largely uncertain. We do not seem to have a lot of options for repeating our actions in a different way. In other words we must get it right this time! 


This is of course a complex topic with many different aspects. Contributions are invited from anyone who has a perspective on any aspect of this topic or any proposals for managing this new environment. It is expected that contributions will be 6000 – 12000 words in length. As quality is essential then all contributions will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Theoretical or speculative contributions are welcome along with empirical contributions.


Please send abstracts or expressions of interest to the editors by the end of January 2022. Full papers will be required by June 2022 with publication of the volume expected in 2023.


All communications to the editors:

Prof Dr David Crowther and Dr Shahla Seifi via