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Call for Contributions



Social Responsibility, Morality and Ethical Practice
Editors: Ruchi Tewari & David Crowther



As the world recognises that we are facing the climate crisis which the UN has forecast as well as other environmental emergencies, the role of social responsibility becomes ever more important. This is because of the environmental effects of human action but also because of the social effects as mass migrations are starting to happen to more habitable locations. It is time therefore to consider more deeply the background to social responsibility. We can express this in terms of ethical practices or even in terms of the underlying philosophy of social responsibility. 


It is time to formulate these concepts more rigorously and it is the aim of this book to coordinate these different thoughts and philosophies into a coherent whole. We are looking therefore for contribution from a variety of people who have considered these issues and asking them to set out their position. These contributions can be as wide ranging or as narrow as wished by the authors. The book will structure these into a coherent whole.


Contributions are invited from anyone who has a perspective on any aspect of this topic or any proposal for managing this new environment. It is expected that contributions will be 6000 – 12000 words in length. As quality is essential then all contributions will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Theoretical or speculative contributions are welcome along with empirical contributions.


Please send abstracts or expressions of interest to the editors by the end of March 2023. Full papers will be required by September 2023 with publication of the volume expected in 2024.


All communications to the editors:


Ruchi Tewari -

David Crowther –

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