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Call for contributions


Relating Equity and Society to Sustainability



David Crowther

Shahla Seifi


We all understand the three pillars of sustainable development as described by Brundtland. Sadly although we all understand that these were described as equal pillars, we continue to mostly give primacy to one of these pillars, according to our own priorities. Less commonly acknowledged however is the matter of equity – between different peoples around the world. This is perhaps surprising as this gets raised at every COP summit and continues to be a source of disagreement.


Equity is of course central to the sustainability of our societies, as without equity we witness conflict and disagreement. And we have all witnessed in recent events how this inequity gets translated into action, both within countries and between countries. Our intention in this book is to look at aspects of this and to share understanding of both the effects and what actions can be taken.


We look forward therefore to receiving your contributions. Contributions are invited from anyone who has a perspective on any aspect of this topic or any proposal for managing this new environment. It is expected that contributions will be 8000 – 12000 words in length. As quality is essential then all contributions will be reviewed prior to acceptance. Theoretical or speculative contributions are welcome along with empirical contributions.


Please send abstracts or expressions of interest to the editors by the end of March 2024. Full papers will be required by September 2024 with publication of the volume expected in 2025.


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David Crowther & Shahla Seifi –

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