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Free access for July

Issue 1 of Technological Sustainability will be open access for the whole of July. You can find it here:

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Welcome to the future...

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of the new journal Technological Sustainability (TECHS) has now been published. Read and enjoy. And more importantly join the discourse by submitting your paper for a future issue.

See the Table of Contents:

The inaugural issue of TECHS shows it to be an international journal - as do the EarlyCite papers for subsequent issues. This is down to the international nature of the editorial board and here is another message from a member of the board - this time from our colleague based in Japan speaking both in English and Japanese.


No not really!! We are not selling anything but instead are spreading words of wisdom from our colleagues. So here is Dr. Linne from Denmark encouraging everyone to prepare and submit papers to Technological Sustainability

"I am Linne Lauesen, and I am an engineer and employed at Water & Waste in Svendborg (Denmark). I am also on the advisory board of the publishing company Emerald in the UK for a new scientific journal called “Technological Sustainability”. I would like to invite everybody working with or researching technology and sustainability to consider sending your papers to the journal with the aim of publication. We publish academic as well as scientific papers as well as case studies. If you want to know more, please search on the internet for “Technological Sustainability” and “Emerald”. We look forward to receiving your manuscripts."

Here is the journal website:

The inaugural issue of Technological Sustainability has been arranged and will very soon be published. Thanks to the Editor Shahla Seifi and her team for the success of this new SRRNet journal. Now they are working on future issues and here is a message from one of the Editorial Advisory Board encouraging submissons. We will look forward to receiving your submission.

The success of #SRRNet is shown by our conferences, "#SRJ", and the books we publish. More importantly we discuss issues of concern and this has led to understanding the need for a new journal: "#TECHS". The first issue is imminent so here is a call for submissions for future issues from a member of the journal team.

In English:

"Hello, This is Prof.Dr. Ferhan Sengur from Eskisehir Technical University, Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Today I would like to talk about a new journal of which I am a member of the editorial board too. As you know, our resources are running out fast and we are facing a climate crisis. In these circumstances, our journal, Technological Sustainability started its journey with the aim of addressing the issue of sustainability with an interdisciplinary perspective. Please visit our website and submit your studies. So let's put a stop to the climate crisis together!"

Belated Happy New Year to all our Chinese colleagues and Friends.

Watch this message in Chinese:

“Hi, everyone. I hope all of you are well. I’m Dr. CL as an EAB of newly launched Emerald Technological Sustainability Journal would like to promote our journal to everyone of you. TECHS journal is focusing on any manuscripts addressing sustainable materials, renewable energies and technologies. We applaud all submissions with above mentioned scope. Thank you!”

It has been talked about a lot in the media recently that Technology is crucial for us achieving sustainability. But of course what is important is how we use that technology and this is what our journal focuses upon. Good ideas and applications come from all over the world and we can all learn from these. So here is a short message In Arabic inviting contributions.

"Dear Researchers and scholars interested in sustainability. Very warm welcome to the newly launched Technological Sustainability Journal published by Emerald in the UK. This is also the official journal of the Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet) in the UK.

This journal aims at attracting novel and high-quality contributions covering technology applications for the achievement of sustainability goals in all industrial sectors including manufacturing and services sectors.

Of particular interest are research themes around the topics of clean production, green manufacturing, social responsibility, governance, resources management, and many other themes that are related to the discipline of sustainability.

The journal also welcomes contributions that uses various methodological approaches and designs, such as review articles based on systematic literature reviews, survey studies and other studies using empirical evidence.

We hope to receive your valuable contributions and be part of making this success for the Technological Sustainability Journal.

For more information about this journal, please visit the journal’s webpage on Emerald Publishing website. Thank you for watching and we looking forward to receiving your contributions."

Submissions are being received for TECHS and going through the review process. A number have already been published online and the first issue is complete and undergoing processing. But of course the next issues are in preparation and in the attached video Professor Emeritus Adele Thomas encourages you to submit to the journal. Looking forward to receiving your submissions.

The first issue of our new journal, "Technological Sustainability" will soon be published. It looks like the journal is already being very successful and this is thanks to the Network members, editorial board members and contributors. Listen to Prof Rodica Milena Zaharia,Bucharest University of Economic Studies, introducing the journal.

Here is the English translation:

"Technological Sustainability" is a forum for scientific and technical debates on sustainability, which is addressed to all those interested in the interdisciplinary approach of this so generous field.

The journal is published under the auspices of the prestigious Emerald Publishing House, under the patronage of an academic and professional network, Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet), dedicated to all those interested in the complex analysis of social responsibility.

I firmly believe that the launch of this journal, "Technological Sustainability", coordinated by enthusiastic, dedicated and excellent professionals, will help to increase the quality of theoretical and practical debates on sustainability.


, Dr. Shahla Seifi, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, for the initiative and commitment!

Welcome, Technological Sustainability!"

An invitation from our Belarusian colleague to submit your papers to TECHS.

Greetings from Belarus, ladies and gentlemen. Have a wonderful New Year!

I am Tatiana Prokhorova, Associate Professor of the Belarusian State University.

From my point of view, the scientific journal "Technological Sustainability" appeared very timely.

The international scientific community has a responsibility to determine what can be confronted all today's challenges and risks. I wish success to the magazine, readers, editor-in-chief Shahla Seifi. And I urge the authors to actively publish the results of their scientific research. Because in our complex interconnected world, we can only achieve success through joint efforts.

Listen to the message by one of the editorial board members of the new journal : Technological Sustainability.

A translation:

"Hello, my name is Maria Genoveva Espinoza Santeli, professor at Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, in Ecuador; editor-in-chief of the academic journal “Estudios de la Gestión” and coordinator of the master in management for sustainable organizations.

It is an honor for me to be part of the Editorial Board of the Technological Sustainability Journal or TECHS which belongs to the Emerald Publishing group.

TECHS's vision is to become the main interdisciplinary academic journal that publishes articles in the field of implementation of technology in order to achieve sustainability.

In today´s world, in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, it is only logical to assume that the academia, companies and the State have an interest to study the contributions and needs, from sustainability regarding.

And TECHS covers this whole range. From theoretical, methodological and substantive debates to technological applications in the scope of sustainability and technology. The journal seeks, contributions that address the link between technology, the behavior of society, the environmental impacts. Contributions are expected in the following subjects:

Sustainable production

Climate change

Energy efficiency

Renewable energy

Health and technology

Recycling and circular economy

Green manufacturing

Sustainable consumer behavior

Resource depletion

Engineering and environmental management


Social responsibility in production

Governance and sustainability

Among others

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to send your articles to TECHS and help make the world a more sustainable place. "

Let's start the new year by a new message from the editorial board of "Technological Sustainability", our new journal. Here is one member inviting you.

Here is the journal website:

Watch these two videos in two sequential posts by Prof Dr Mariana Lima Bandeira. She invites you to submit your papers to our new journal Technological Sustainability. The first video is in Spanish and the Next in Portuguese.

Here is the English Translation of her words: Hi, academics of all Latin America, I am Mariana Lima Bandeira, Professor of Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Sede Ecuador and part of Editorial Board of TECHS. TECHS is a new promising initiative, where we can discuss and contribute to this connection between technology and sustainability. We accept research from a functionalist, scientific perspective, as well as critical studies in all fields of knowledge.

I invite you to send your contributions from different approaches, quantitative, qualitative ones, and we await your article to improve this debate on how we are building this debate in our region of Latin America.

TECHS is also a collaborative space where we can debate and also improve our network.

In this video Dr Miriam Green as the editorial advisory board member of Technological Sustainability invites you to submit your papers to this journal.

Now it is time to watch this short video in the Croatian language about TECHS:

Publisher Emerald launched the journal Technological Sustainability which can be taken as a kind of superstructure on topics covered by Social Responsibility Journal, and with the purpose of sharing and covering topics concerned with technological and scientific aspects of sustainability which are pillars of sustainability in any form. Since these aspects are quite specific, it is thought that this approach in a specific journal which covers these aspects is needed as a separate because they mostly cover issues that deal with highly specific technological problems and solutions. In this sense I strongly endorse and promote this journal, and I hope that it will be a success as well as other journals in similar fields published by Emerald.

In English: Hello everybody As a member of the Advisory board of the new journal Technological Sustainability, I would like to invite you to submit your most recent papers with scientific and technological approaches to sustainability. And be sustainable! 

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