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News from TECHS

We are pleased to announce that Volume 2, Issue 1 of Technological Sustainability is now published. Here is the Link:

Looking forward to receiving your submissions dealing with the role of

Technological Myopia?


One of the latest papers in #TechnologicalSustainability journal, written by Prof David Crowther, is now available in #EarlyCite. As usual he is thoughtful and challenging in what he says. Please read and enter the debate with your own paper.

Shahla Seifi, Editor TECHS

Cop27 has ended with an agreement about reparations but nothing about action taken to reduce carbon emissions. What is needed is real action and this journal is a tool to support action towards sustainability. In this video the editor, Dr Shahla Seifi invites you to submit your papers to the journal, Technological Sustainability.

The second issue of Technological Sustainability - TECHS - is now published. Find the list of papers and authors here:

Call for papers

You are invited to submit your papers to the special issue of Technological Sustainability: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Era of Technological Sustainability

SRRNet congratulates to our Literati award winners:

Outstanding Reviewers

Technological Sustainability:

Kristijan Krkač

Onyeka Osuji

Genoveva Espinoza-Santeli


Welcome to the future...

We are pleased to announce that the inaugural issue of the new journal Technological Sustainability (TECHS) has now been published. Read and enjoy. And more importantly join the discourse by submitting your paper for a future issue.

See the Table of Contents:

Professor David Crowther discusses the rationale behind Technological Sustainability

An introduction to Technological Sustainability

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