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Check out this new eBook "Corporate Social Responsibility: Part I" . Here is the link:


"Corporate Social Responsibility is a concept which has become dominant in business reporting. Every corporation has a policy concerning CSR and produces a report annually detailing its activity. And of course each of us claims to be able to recognise corporate activity which is socially responsible and activity which is not socially responsible."

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I am pleased to announce that due to the continuing success of Social Responsibility Journal ( ) we will now be publishing 10 issues every year, each containing 10 papers.

Thank you for your past contributions and we look forward to receiving future contributions to show the contiinuing devlopment of our ideas and understanding.

We are pleased that our first book in the book series: Science, Technology and Sustainability, by World Scientific is now published and can be viewed at:

Congratulations to the authors.

SRRNet congratulates to our Literati award winners:

Outstanding Reviewers

Social Responsibility Journal:

Caner Dincer

Priyanka Aggarwal

Jose Ramos Pires Ramos Pires Manso

Technological Sustainability:

Kristijan Krkač

Onyeka Osuji

Genoveva Espinoza-Santeli


SRRNet congratulates to our Literati award winner:

Outstanding Paper:

Social Responsibility Journal:

The anatomy of circular economy transition in the fashion industry

Sita Mishra, Sheetal Jain, Gunjan Malhotra


Another achievement for SRJ

We are pleased to announce that Social Responsibility Journal has achieved Q1 status in the Scopus Scimago ratings. Further evidence of our increasing stature.

Thanks to everyone involved.


Another new book: "Environmental Sustainability in Emerging Markets" in our Springer book series AGSMG is published:

Still more on the way and will be announced soon. And do not forget to submit your papers for our coming books.


The world is facing a severe crisis at the moment and it is only the unity of people which will prevent this. When this is passed then there is still the matter of climate change and the UN have declared that some effects cannot be prevented.

Our role at SRRNet is to work towards global understanding and sharing and to seek to mitigate effects from these crises. We will continue to do so - so please join with us in continuing these aims.

Watch for further announcements of forthcoming projects.

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