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About SRRNet

The Social Responsibility Research Network (SRRNet) is a body of scholars who are concerned with the Social Contract between all stakeholders in global society and consequently with the socially responsible behaviour of organisations.

We publish:



and organise an annual conference

Membership is free and open to anyone interested.

In order to join then just send  a message to giving 4 pieces of information:



Country of abode

Contact email address

and you will be enrolled.

For our second conference of 2024 which will be in September, we travel to the land of the Pyramids - Cairo. Here is an invitation by David

In the UK we talk about April showers. But for us April looks very bright. Check out the website of our conference in Quito. Even better, plan to join us​!

Breaking News!

You will see from this post that our 22nd conference is sufficiently significant that it makes the news in Al Ahram - the most prominent English language newspaper in Egypt. So come and join us and help make the outcomes equally significant

Here is also a link to the press release on the Egyptian Gazette (online)

We Are Truly Worldwide!

An interesting elaboration by Prof. K. Krkac showing the spread of countries SRRNet has held conferences in. 2023 will be in Madrid with several proposals for the coming years


See our Calls for Contributions:

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